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Thanks to decades in precision engineering & manufacturing, we have a close relationship with the Okuma Corporation, one of the world’s leading producers of CNC machine tools.  

Harrop 2 - Ibrox Engineering

Precision Component

Crafting high-quality components for various industries, including Agriculture and Food, Aerospace, Defence, Hydraulics, Automotive, and General Engineering.

Harrop 3 - Ibrox Engineering

Comprehensive &
Specialised Engineering

Covering every aspect of the engineering process, from CNC programming and CAM design to toolmaking and precision machining.

Harrop 6 - Ibrox Engineering

Prototype Development
& More

Bringing your ideas to life with innovative and reliable prototype development services.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine tools are a type of manufacturing equipment controlled by computers. They are operated by skilled engineers and machinists to transform raw materials into finished products.

At Ibrox, we work with both Okuma and Doosan CNC machines. We can reverse engineer components from drawings if required.

Below are the technical capabilities of the machines we have at our facility.

GENOS M660 V e open - Ibrox Engineering

Highly rigid, thermally stable construction allows this vertical machining centre to withstand thermal deformation, resulting in reduced thermal growth and improved machining performance.

The GENOS M660-V combines a large worktable in a compact footprint and Intelligent Technology to cut large, complex parts.

The larger table minimises restrictions on workpiece size and tool length while leaving ample space to add rotary tables. This machine can handle a variety of materials, from titanium to aluminium, and does so without sacrificing finish quality or productivity.

X axis = 1,500mm
Y axis = 660mm
Z axis = 660mm
4th axis, RD320R Rotary Table with SC-10in Chuck & Tailstock

GENOS L2000 e open - Ibrox Engineering

Built on a one-piece, cast iron base with a horizontal way system and hand-scraped headstock and tailstock mounting surfaces, this machine provides stability, rigidity and accuracy for a variety of applications.

Maximum turning diameter = 200mm
Maximum length = 380mm
Maximum spindle bore = 53mm Draw tube ID

ST LB4000EX2 open - Ibrox Engineering

The LB4000EX-II turning centre is built on Okuma’s Thermo-Friendly Concept to ensure minimal thermal growth.

The slant box bed construction translates to unsurpassed quality and rigidity.
Equipped with Okuma’s high power, high torque PREX motor, this machine delivers high quality machining from heavy to high-speed cutting with a through-hole diameter able to accommodate larger workpieces.

Maximum turning diameter = 430mm
Maximum length = 1500mm
Maximum spindle bore = 102mm Draw tube ID

GENOS M460V 5AX new door - Ibrox Engineering

This new, next generation, 5-axis vertical machining centre, is specifically designed to manufacture high precision parts and deliver impressive metal removal rates in a compact design.

Its solid double-column structure, full 5-axis simultaneous control and thermal stability performance give it the ability to easily cut a variety of materials.

Using a hypoid gear drive, the GENOS M460V-5AX features trunnion construction that offers exceptional accuracy, rigidity and table rotation speed. The spindle produces less vibration and power loss at the tool tip for outstanding surface finishes and metal removal rates. This 5-axis machine provides high productivity.

X axis =762mm
Y axis = 460mm
Z axis = 460mm
A axis = +20 t0 -110 deg
C axis = 360 deg

ellison dnsolutions lynx 2600sy - Ibrox Engineering

This CNC turning centre has many capabilities including:
630mm Swing Over Bed
460mm Swing Over Saddle
610mm Turning Length
380mm Turning Ø
105mm (±52.5mm) Y Axis Travel
360deg (0.001deg Resolution) C Axes, Main & Sub Spindles
260kg Main Spindle Capacity, 520kg Shaft Work Capacity

It features:
• Main Spindle
• 81mm Bar Capacity (Main)
• 250mm Ø Hydraulic Chuck
• 3500RPM Spindle Speed
• 18.5kW Spindle Power
• 403Nm Spindle Torque
• Sub Spindle
• 50mm Bore of Draw Tube
• 152mm Ø Hydraulic Chuck
• 4500RPM Spindle Speed
• 7.5kW Spindle Power
• 84Nm Spindle Torque
• Turret
• BMT 55 Tool Mounting
• 5000RPM Live Tool Speed
• 5.5kW Live Tool Power
• 42Nm Live Tool Torque
• 24 Position / 12 Station Turret
• 20mm Square / 32 & 25mm Ø Tool Capacity
• ER25 Live Tool Collet Size
• Eppinger PreciFlex Tooling System
• CNC Control
• Doosan Fanuc I Series (0iPlus) CNC Controller
• 15″ Colour LCD Monitor
• Rigidsynchronised tapping
• Custom Macro B
• Ethernet Interface
• RS232 Interface
• USB & PCMCIA Memory Card Slot
• Doosan Ezi Guide “I” Conversational software:
• Graphical Turning Cycles
• Graphical Milling Cycles
• Full 3D Graphical Simulation
• Onboard G & M code assistance
• + more